Clivet presents the new series of heat recovery outdoor units VRF MV6R

Date: 17 July 2020
Clivet presents the new series of heat recovery outdoor units VRF MV6R

MV6R series, available in single units from 22.4 kW to 50 kW and up to 150 kW in combination of 3 modules, adopts main innovations developed with V6 generation, introducing further features and integrating the VRF lineup replacing MHR series outdoor units.

As a complement to the new heat recovery VRF lineup, Clivet presents also:

  • New MS box, completely redesigned featuring innovative functions and available in a wider range of sizes
  • New High Temperature Hydro Module for hot water production up to 80 °C through a cascade circuit, able to offer the best application flexibility thanks to multiple features specifically designed
  • New AHU kit for direct expansion coils management in combination with Clivet VRF systems, such as air handling units now connectable also to MV6R heat recovery series with improved functions.

MV6R Heat Recovery Outdoor Units

Main features of V6 generation

  • EVI (Enhanced Vapor Injection) compressor technology
    • Extended operating range down to -25°C in heating mode and from -15°C* to 52°C in cooling mode
    • High heating capacity at low ambient temperature: full nominal capacity kept down to -5°C, 90% down to -15°C
    • Compressor operation allowed down to 7% for the maximum part load system efficiency
  • Innovative EMS (Energy Management System)
    • Evaporating and condensing temperature is automatically modulated as function of actual operating conditions, to enhance comfort and energy saving
    • Possibility to limit maximum capacity supplied by outdoor unit down to 40% minimum to overcome possible limitations on power supply
  • Mr. Doctor functions for simplified maintenance
  • Automatic refrigerant charge and recycling functions
  • Multiple silent mode options
  • Anti-snow and Dust-clean functions

Additional strengths

  • Continuous heating for alternate defrost on multiple-units 
  • Best application flexibility thanks to the possible connection od hydronic modules, full fresh air processing units and air handling units, with extended capacity index up to 200%
  • Refrigerant leak detection function*
  • Fan motor with increased external static pressure up to 80 Pa for ductable airflow
  • Automatic address and maintenance mode
  • Smart input/output contacts (emergency off, alarm)
  • Dual set point in AUTO mode
  • Independent control of heat exchangers and compressors
  • 2-stage subcooling circuit by plate heat exchanger intercooler 
  • Refrigerant-cooled electronic boards through a patented double-U shape circuit 
  • Heat exchanger surface increased through high efficiency micro-channels
  • Eurovent certified series

*Functions available in combination with single MS box MS01

MS box

  • Wider lineup from 1 to 12 branches
  • Possible management of several indoor units connected to the same branch (up to 8 for single MS box, up to 5 for multiple MS box)*
  • Exclusive features for single MS box MS01
    • Cooling operating range extended up to -15 °C 
    • Refrigerant leakage detectors connection to stop system operation and isolate the possible leak through specific shut-off valves

*Possible indoor units connected to the same MS box branch should run in the same operating mode

High Temperature Hydro Module

  • Hot water production up to 80°C thanks to a R134a cascade circuit
  • 14 kW single size, modular configuration available
  • Best application flexibility (space heating with supply water temperature control or room air temperature control for single or multi-zone management with different set points, domestic hot water with water tank temperature control, combined space heating and domestic hot water)
  • Extremely compact and light
  • High efficiency thanks to heat recovery technology
  • Multiple advanced functions (weekly timer, weather curve, disinfection mode (for legionella prevention), DHW recirculating pump management, silent mode, holiday mode, smart grid, settings lock on wired controller, parameters and alarm monitoring)
  • Smart contacts for additional components management and logics implementation (pumps, 3-way valve, external thermostats for multiple set points, smart grid for “intelligent” module management, alarm output)
  • Fully integrated in VRF control systems lineup

AHU kit

  • 4 sizes from 2.2 kW to 56 kW, combinable up to 4 kit in parallel for management of DX coils up to 224 kW
  • Compatibility extended to heat recovery outdoor units VRF MV6R series
  • Supply air temperature control (in addition to return air temperature control and 0-10V capacity step) 
  • Simplified management via wired controller (new WDC-86E/KD included), or advanced management via local PLC
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