Clivet's latest generation solution for the optimisation of thermo-cooling plant

Date: 25 March 2021
Clivet's latest generation solution for the optimisation of thermo-cooling plant

Dedicated to medium and large sized applications in both Comfort and Industrial Processes, INTELLIPLANT represents the best solution to safely guarantee the operation at maximum efficiency of all the elements that make up the central unit, including the thermal refrigeration units, the pumping units of the primary and secondary circuits and the source devices.

Its operating principle is based on the use of the performance curves of each individual unit to determine the best combination to activate in order to meet the energy needs of the system while minimising electricity consumption.

The same design performance parameters also make it possible to assess the presence of any functional deviations from the operating parameters acquired in real time from the field, while estimating the main causes of possible malfunctions.


INTELLIPLANT can control all the units in the APPLIED catalogue of medium and large power, including chillers, medium and high temperature heat pumps, multi-function units for the simultaneous and independent production of hot and chilled water. INTELLIPLANT controls all the main elements of the power plant:

  • Thermo-refrigeration units for the production of hot and chilled water in 2-, 4- and 6-pipe systems
  • Control of pumping units of primary, secondary and source circuits, both with fixed and variable flow rate
  • Control of source devices for disposal of excess energy such as dry coolers and evaporative towers
  • Control of pumps and source valves for managing re-injection temperatures in well and groundwater applications
  • Management of the system's solenoid and modulating valves for calibrating flow rates and mixing valves for temperature control


Thanks to its ability to dynamically determine control logic, INTELLIPLANT guarantees the possibility of combining units of different types and nature in the same system, giving maximum flexibility in design choices:

  • Units of equal or different power equipped with fixed compressors and inverters
  • Standard chillers with free-cooling solutions for chilled water production
  • Air and water source units
  • Chillers and multifunctional units in 4-pipe systems for simultaneous and independent production of hot and chilled water
  • Chillers, multifunctional units and high-temperature heat pumps in 6-pipe systems for the simultaneous and independent production of chilled water and hot water for both heating and sanitary use.


For complete peace of mind for plant operators, INTELLIPLANT It incorporates a powerful diagnostics engine that allows you to assess any performance deviations of individual units from the operating parameters defined in the design and to estimate the possible causes of malfunctions.

INTELLIPLANT classifies the diagnostics into three distinct areas "electrical", "hydraulic" and "refrigeration" in order to facilitate the identification of the section that caused the possible functional fault.
Based on analysis of parameters acquired from the field, INTELLIPLANT processes a "trouble shooting" and proposes to the field staff the actions to be carried out in order to perform a complete and efficient verification of the system components, thus reducing time and costs.
INTELLIPLANT allows service activities to evolve from the conventional 'Scheduled Ordinary Maintenance' to a more efficient 'Condition Based Maintenance', which takes into account the actual operating conditions to prevent plant downtime due to faults and sudden breakdowns.


INTELLIPLANT allows the user to consult plant energy parameters in an intuitive and professional manner. Facility Managers and Energy Managers can access efficiency data via a dashboard that is also available on tablets and smartphones to view daily, weekly, monthly and yearly profiles of thermal energy produced and electrical energy absorbed.
A dedicated report can be downloaded locally or sent by email to a list of selected users.


The main advantages of controlling INTELLIPLANT are:

  • Performance data of units natively integrated in control and optimisation logics
  • Implementation of control and optimisation logics dynamically and automatically on the basis of changes in the load profile
  • Reduction of power plant consumption
  • Reduction of waste resulting from overproduction of thermal energy typical of the 'fixed sequence' resource control logic implemented by BMS (Building Management Systems)
  • Improved plant stabilisation, reduced thermal and mechanical stress on the units, resulting in reduced maintenance activities
  • Reliable redundancy management in industrial process applications
  • Evolved management of event-driven maintenance activities based on operational status detected in real time
  • Extending the life cycle of power plant components
  • Increased overall system uptime
  • Reports, graphs and user dashboards available for system energy analysis
  • Local and remote accessibility through Clivet Cloud via PC, tablet and smartphone
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