MIRAI INTEX expands MIRAI COLD range with new MC 150 T unit

Date: 11 July 2024
MIRAI INTEX expands MIRAI COLD range with new MC 150 T unit
MIRAI INTEX is proud to announce the expansion of our MIRAI COLD range with the introduction of the new MC 150 T unit. This advanced refrigeration system is specifically designed to provide and maintain ultra-low temperatures from -40 °C down to -160 °C, catering to cooling processes across diverse industries, with a primary focus on the chemical industry and solvent recovery applications.

The MC 150 C/W/T variant offers a temperature range from -120 °C to -40 °C, with an extended range from -160 °C to -40 °C available upon request. Additionally, the unit is available in both indoor and outdoor variants, providing versatility and adaptability to various environmental conditions.

The MIRAI Cold 150 T operates in a closed cycle as an indirect refrigeration system, utilizing air as a refrigerant for a zero Global Warming Potential (GWP). It comes equipped with a factory-optimized heat exchanger designed for silicone oil, with compatibility extended to other working fluids, enhancing operational flexibility.

Designed as a standalone unit, the MIRAI Cold 150 T requires minimal servicing and maintenance, ensuring reliable and cost-effective operation in demanding environments, including large-scale outdoor applications.

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