Colmac Coil launched Adiabatic Cooler

Date: 14 December 2023
Colmac Coil launched Adiabatic Cooler
Colmac Coil Manufacturing, Inc. is proud to announce the launch of its Adiabatic Cooler. The Colmac Coil Adiabatic V-Bank Cooler is available as a fluid cooler, air cooled condenser, and CO2 gas cooler for any industrial refrigeration system type. Integrating both dry and wet operation through a factory provided controls system, Colmac Coil’s Adiabatic Cooler technology delivers an energy efficient and water saving solution for industrial refrigeration systems. It is currently available in 1-20 fan configurations through the Colmac Coil Representative network.

Colmac introduces an exclusive recirculated water system that eliminates the need for water treatment, ensuring superior energy efficiency compared to conventional once-through adiabatic water distribution systems. High-quality, high cooling effectiveness adiabatic pads are designed for easy servicing and replacement, offering options for either lowest water usage or lowest initial cost. Factory provided adiabatic controls ensure precise fan speed and water on/off functionality for maintaining a specified leaving fluid/gas temperature.

“We are bringing a unique solution to the industrial refrigeration market,” Said Joe Fazzari, P.E, President, Colmac Coil “The customization through Colmac Dryware Selection Software, our adiabatic controls package, and the recirculation water system ensures peak performance across many applications, providing significant benefits to the end user in terms of energy and water savings."

The Colmac Coil Adiabatic V-Bank system improves cooling efficiency in industrial refrigeration systems and optimizes the equipment footprint. Wet media pads positioned before or around the heat exchanger coils cool the air by evaporating water from the pads, lowering the temperature of the air entering the heat exchanger coils. This temperature differential facilitates more effective heat transfer in various applications, such as cold storage and food processing. Large capacity V-bank designs allow for less overall equipment footprint needed.
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