CPC-Cryolab Highlights 5000 Series Cryogenic Valves

Date: 08 March 2019
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Thermally efficient designs for ultra-cold industrial gas cryogenic applications

CPC-Cryolab introduces 5000 Series Cryogenic Valves for use in ultra-cold cryogenic storage tanks, transportation trailers, and vacuum jacketed and non-jacketed piping systems. The 5000 Series valves feature bellow sealed and non-bellows sealed designs, redundant packaging seals, and all stainless-steel construction, trusted the most common, most reliable LHe valves used on ISO helium containers world-wide.

CPC-Cryolab’s 5000 Series valves offer high performance, low heat leak, and worry-free performance with the least maintenance of any LHe valve used today. The 5000 Series valves feature top entry PCTFE soft seated plug assemblies, zero leakage across the seat, self-centering plug assemblies, Chevron style stem packing, operate under extreme low temperatures ranging from  -452 degrees Fahrenheit to +300 Fahrenheit (from -267 C to +149 C).

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