Daikin launches sound enclosure for VRV and Sky Air

Date: 08 May 2021
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Available from May onwards, the new Daikin sound enclosure specifically designed and tested for Sky Air Alpha-series, Sky Air Advance-series and VRV 5 S-series outdoor units reduces the sound power level by up to 10 dB(A).

Daikin sound enclosures offer a solution specifically designed for the low height Daikin Sky Air and VRV heat pumps. Thoroughly factory-tested sound power (ISO 3744), efficiency and capacity guarantee flawless system performance. This makes it possible to determine in advance how the installed system will operate. It also simplifies the layout and planning because separate calculations are not required.

Sound power values in both cooling and heating according to ISO 3744 are available, as well as sound pressure and low noise operation mode values.

The sound enclosure is optimised so that airflow and capacity are as close as possible to the standard conditions. Separate air inlets and outlets combined with the perfect fit of the enclosure prevent air short-circuiting for efficient sound reduction and minimised pressure drop.

The new sound enclosure is also easy to install: as a self-supporting unit, it can be placed on any flat surface. The side panels of the sound enclosure can be conveniently unlocked with quick-release buckles for easy access to key components when maintenance work is required.

If needed, an optional drain pan and heater are available. Existing outdoor units can also be upgraded with the sound enclosure.

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