Dearman widens product range with nosemount option

Date: 25 July 2018
The Dearman Hubbard zero emission transport refrigeration unit (TRU) has gone one step further with a nosemount option now also available, the dominant model in the US market. Until now, the Dearman liquid nitrogen powered engine has been fitted underneath a trailer on one side with the liquid nitrogen tank fitted on the other. The nosemount option allows a slimmer fit of the engine and closer integration with the refrigeration system. Like the undermount TRU, Dearman Hubbard nosemount TRU enables trailers to be configured as single or dual-temperature. The zero emission system runs quietly, and has the potential to meet the PIEK noise standard – operating at less than 60 dB(A). The enhanced range will be available to fleet operators in both Europe and North America, both regions being where the company has appointed Vice-Presidents to lead its strong sales operations. The groundbreaking liquid nitrogen TRU eliminates all nitrogen oxide and particulate matter emissions, and has so far been taken up by the likes of Sainsbury’s, Unilever as well as Marks & Spencer. Dearman’s announcement comes in a climate where diesel fleet operators are looking to switch to cleaner alternatives, as governments looks to tackle air pollution and improve public health. Commenting, Dearman’s Director of Special Projects, David Rivington, said: “Customers in North America demanded a nosemount and we have delivered. This rapid innovation is an exciting next step for Dearman as we accelerate our sales activity beyond Europe. Now we have enabled even more fleet operators to run their logistics the same way they used to, but with their customers and surrounding communities benefitting from the clean cold power the Dearman Engine was designed to deliver. “We look forward to engaging with diesel fleet operators who want to get ahead of the curve and be future proof as emission standards tighten.”
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