Dorin presented the innovative CO2 BOXÉR range of compressors

Date: 28 July 2021
Dorin presented the innovative CO2 BOXÉR range of compressors
With 30 years of experience in CO2 compression technology, Dorin is proud to present the innovative CO2 BOXÉR range of compressors.

With a height of 235 mm, this new platform is a perfect fit for mobile HVAC applications such as those used on Trains and Electric Buses.

First presented at Busworld Europe in 2019, the CO2 BOXÉR has been through a period of testing, improvement and ultimately perfection achieving the highest levels of efficiency and reliability.

BOXÉR models offer heights up to 42% lower when compared to V-shaped compressors.

This makes the BOXÉR range of compressors a perfect fit for roof-top installations where compressors must be as compact as possible.

The unique symmetry of the BOXÉR design features low vibration as well as smooth and silent compressor operation; most desirable in applications where the acoustic comfort of passengers is a priority.

This symmetry also lowers the load on the shaft, thus guaranteeing high COP levels and less wear on the drive gear over time, translating into decreased operational and maintenance costs.

Additionally, the BOXÉR configuration has wider spacing between cylinder banks allowing for quicker cooling. This key feature paired with the unique design of the external discharge manifold allows the BOXÉR range to reliably provide comfort heating to bus and train passengers even during extremely low ambient temperatures; the BOXÉR range boasts a minimum evaporating temperature of -30°C.

The CO2 BOXÉR range of compressors are equipped with 4 poles electric motor and, in the near future, with 2 poles, this will allow the maximum displacement, a desirable performance ratio and interesting operating costs.
The BOXÉR is currently available with a cast iron compressor housing with aluminum housing coming soon (currently under validation).

Each of the CO2 BOXÉR models are available with semi-hermetic execution. 

  • 4 Semi-Hermetic models available
  • 4 cylinders arrayed in a Boxér configuration
  • PS = 150 bar design pressure / PSs = 100 bar
  • Weight = 108 kg in cast iron execution
  • Height = 235 mm / Length = 590 mm /Width = 430 mm
  • Displacements from 4.6 m3/h to 9,2 m3/h
  • Inverter drive operation between 25Hz and 70Hz
  • Cooling capacities from 4 kW to 28 kW (*)
  • Heating capacities from 4 kW to 23 kW (**)

(* T_ev = +10°C / SH = 10K / P_disch = 100 bar / T_gcout = 40°C)
(** T_ev = -20°C / SH = 10K / P_disch = 80 bar / T_gcout = 25°C)
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