DSI Freezing Solutions presented the world’s first flexible automatic horizontal freezer

Date: 09 January 2020
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Developed by leading engineers, enabled by state-of-the-art freezing technology and available for customization, the world’s first flexible automatic horizontal freezer is a reality.

The brand-new plate freezer is designed to fit varying needs and allow a stable level of productivity across seasons and changing product range. The HS Flex freezer automatically adjusts itself to different tray heights, providing endless freezing opportunities. Includes our fully automatic loading and unloading system for an all-in-one freezing solution, reducing operational costs and manual labor.

The flexible automatic horizontal freezer is suitable for all types of fish, seafood, meat and poultry as well as vegetables, fruits and ready meals – all of varying sizes. The benefits of this innovative freezing system include optimum plate sizes and customized widths and lengths, a unique design with single station openings as well as easy cleaning and maintenance.

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