ebm‑papst has developed new reversible AxiRev 126 compact fan

Date: 09 June 2022
ebm‑papst has developed new reversible AxiRev 126 compact fan
With the new reversible AxiRev 126 compact fan, ebm‑papst has developed an energy-efficient and quiet solution for push-pull applications.

The new AxiRev 126 from ebm‑papst, which has been specially developed for decentralized residential ventilation, has a unique design: The blade design is almost symmetrical and ensures that the characteristic curve and so too the volume of air conveyed in both directions of rotation are almost identical. This patented blade design with striking blade tips and the openings at the blade ends minimizes the noises induced by tip gap vortices, which reduces the noise emissions. Thanks to the integrated EC motor, the fan operates at a high efficiency level even in partial-load operation. Users benefit from an efficiency increase of up to 7 percent and a noise level that is up to 5 dB(A) lower than the previous model. The maximum air flow is 132 m3/h. The steep characteristic curve of the AxiRev 126 also ensures that the residential ventilation unit can operate efficiently even at high wind forces outdoors.

The AxiRev 126 has a very compact diameter of 126 mm, as its name suggests, and a height of 26 mm. Depending on the application, the speed can be continuously adjusted between 500 and 4200 rpm. It is supplied as a complete system with plug-and-play capability and is also suitable for retrofitting existing residential ventilation units, as the footprint and dimensions correspond to the tried-and-tested dimensions of the previous model.

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