ENGIE Refrigeration launches redesigned air-cooled QUANTUM series

Date: 25 June 2019
ENGIE Refrigeration launches redesigned air-cooled QUANTUM series
ENGIE Refrigeration launches redesigned air-cooled QUANTUM series

ENGIE Refrigeration GmbH from Lindau on Lake Constance is making its new air-cooled QUANTUM Air chiller available around the world. In total, 28 versions of the QUANTUM Air series will be available on the launch date; 14 of these models use the refrigerant R-1234ze, and 14 models use either the refrigerant R-134a or R-513A. ‘We put the concentrated expertise of our team into the redesigned QUANTUM Air models, along with our wealth of experience from 16 years of refrigeration solutions with our previous QUANTUM chillers,’ says Jochen Hornung, CEO of ENGIE Refrigeration. ‘On this basis, our QUANTUM Air is the ideal way for us to help our customers meet the most stringent economic and ecological requirements in an increasingly complex market environment – today and in the future.’

QUANTUM Air with maximum cooling

The new air-cooled QUANTUM Air from ENGIE Refrigeration scores above all in terms of its efficiency, performance, control system and serviceability. First, the new models considerably exceed even the very high levels of efficiency of the previous series, something the refrigeration specialist from Lindau has achieved through intelligent connections between the different components. Second, the QUANTUM Air makes more efficient use of operating fluids, as the refrigerant fill level has been reduced significantly – regardless of whether refrigerant R-1234ze, R-134a or R-513A is chosen.This twofold increase in efficiency during operation and in the use of operating fluids leads to a smaller ecological footprint. In addition, thanks to a novel structural design, ENGIE Refrigeration has reduced the size of the chiller without affecting its performance. The new QUANTUM Air achieves a refrigeration capacity of between 250 kilowatts and two megawatts for the first time. This means the chiller outperforms not only its predecessor model, but all air-cooled chillers with magnetic-bearing compressor technology that are currently available on the market.Thanks to its design concept, the new air-cooled QUANTUM machine has the same refrigeration capacity as its predecessor while being not only smaller but also significantly lighter. This considerably reduces roof loads – a significant advantage if the machine is set up outdoors on top of buildings.

New: always reach the optimal operating point

Another special feature of the QUANTUM Air is its modified control system, which facilitates improved control and regulation options that are optimised in terms of energy efficiency. Furthermore, it enables even better adaptation to customer-specific cooling requirements at every operating point and at different ambient temperatures. In addition, ENGIE Refrigeration has chosen new components for the QUANTUM Air and recombined the individual machine components according to a sophisticated modular principle.This reduces delivery times and makes the machine easier to service, as it will be easier for the responsible ENGIE service technician to enter the interior of the machine during maintenance in future. The refrigeration specialist from Lindau is also offering each QUANTUM Air model with the optional Supersilent package, which incorporates additional noise-reducing measures – an essential aspect, especially for noise-sensitive applications in hospitals or office buildings, for example. If needed, customers can also choose preconfigured hydraulic modules – i.e.pump units with a frequency converter – and integrated free cooling modules for free cooling, mixed mode or compression mode, all of which are available immediately as optional extras for all QUANTUM Air models.

Optimal refrigeration solution for various needs

With the numerous special features and pioneering innovations, ENGIE Refrigeration is setting a milestone on the refrigeration market with its new QUANTUM Air: ‘At ENGIE Refrigeration, our aspiration is to offer our customers the highest-quality and most efficient chiller on the market. We are very proud that we will fulfil this goal even better with the QUANTUM Air. This gives us a pioneering role in the industry,’ says Jochen Hornung.The redesigned chiller is ideal for use in a variety of industries – from automotive manufacturers and suppliers to the chemicals and pharmaceuticals industry, industrial production and data centres. As its next step, ENGIE Refrigeration will overhaul its water-cooled QUANTUM chillers as well; the relevant models will become available on the international market over the course of 2020.

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