ENGIE Refrigeration plans to relaunch the air-cooled PENSUM AIR

Date: 21 November 2019
ENGIE Refrigeration plans to relaunch the air-cooled PENSUM AIR
ENGIE Refrigeration plans to relaunch the air-cooled PENSUM AIR
ENGIE Refrigeration GmbH is consistently pressing ahead with its growth strategy: After the successful redesign of the air-cooled QUANTUM Air series in June this year, the company now plans to relaunch the air-cooled PENSUM AIR. The revised models will be available from 20 January 2020, offering facility operators numerous advantages in the medium power ranges of 50 to 400 kilowatts. The new PENSUM AIR, for example, stands out with its exceptionally high efficiency under partial loads. The chiller is designed for use in mid-sized office buildings and public buildings.

The air-cooled Pensum chiller has been part of the ENGIE Refrigeration portfolio since 2013. Market requirements have changed since then, and the specialist for refrigeration and heating is staying abreast of these changes by further developing the series. Among other things, the new PENSUM AIR uses the future-proof refrigerant R-454B, which has good thermodynamic properties and a low GWP value of 466. That means it falls below the average GWP of <500, the value that the F-gas Regulation stipulates from 2030. Compared to the previous refrigerant R-410A, R-454B can lower CO2 emissions by 78 per cent – without affecting refrigeration capacity. In addition, the PENSUM AIR already meets the requirements of the Ecodesign Directive for Tier 2, which will come into force on 1 January 2021. ‘ENGIE Refrigeration aims to offer future-proof refrigeration solutions. The new PENSUM AIR is an exemplary way to fulfil this aim, as it already meets the future requirements of the F-gas Regulation and the Ecodesign Directive. We are thus offering our customers a future-proof investment that is unique in this market segment,’ says Jochen Hornung, CEO at ENGIE Refrigeration.

New standard on the refrigeration market
But the PENSUM AIR scores with more than just the eco-friendly refrigerant R-454B. ENGIE Refrigeration has also refined the design and the configuration of the chiller. One of the most important benefits is the new compressor in the PENSUM AIR, which makes the chiller even more efficient to run than its predecessor model. The PENSUM AIR is also available in four different lines – Basic Cool, Free Cool, Super Silent and Reversible Heat – with a refrigeration performance between 50 and 400 kilowatts. This is how the refrigeration and heating specialist from Lindau ensures that each chiller includes the most important options as standard and is therefore ready for the customer to use upon delivery. Customers who require free cooling, for example, can order the PENSUM AIR in the Free Cool line, while customers with the Super Silent line receive an extremely quiet chiller – no additional configuration necessary. In addition, all PENSUM AIR chillers feature designs and measures for machine safety in combination with slightly flammable class A2L refrigerants. They also have optimised measuring, control and regulation technology – for example, in terms of master-slave operation and smart grid capability – and improved housing, which includes a protective grille in front of the fin-type heat exchanger to protect against mechanical effects. This makes the PENSUM AIR ideal not just for use in industry, but also in office buildings and public buildings such as universities and technical colleges. 

Add-ons for every need
Another innovation is that customers can choose from an extensive selection of add-ons for the PENSUM AIR. They range from specific configuration packages for different requirements, such as a maintenance package, to glycol collecting trays and various warranty and service options. Services in particular are a major advantage for many customers, as Jochen Hornung explains: ‘At ENGIE Refrigeration, we offer not only the highest product quality; we also offer excellent services relating to the PENSUM AIR. As a result, our customers benefit from an all-round carefree package.’ The new PENSUM AIR will be available on international markets from 20 January 2020. Next, ENGIE Refrigeration will start overhauling its water-cooled Pensum chillers, which will enter the market over the course of 2020 as well.
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