Eurocryor renews the Twin Midi SV semi-vertical self-service cabinet

Date: 18 May 2021
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Eurocryor renews the Twin Midi SV semi-vertical self-service cabinet of the Ambienti family. Designed according to the principles of functional design and characterized by straight lines and plays of transparency, Twin Midi SV is able to give elegance to self-service areas and create islands dedicated to the presentation of high-value fresh products, in any display context. Interpreter of Eurocryor's brand identity, enclosed in the claim “Pure Italian Style”, Twin Midi SV combines technological innovation and refinement.

Optimal performance, better conservation and enhancement of references: thanks to a re-engineering work and revision of the refrigeration techniques, the refrigerated cabinet stands, in the best configuration, in energy class D and at the same time offers flexible and effective merchandising. Twin Midi SV offers, in fact, original presentation methods by virtue of the numerous customizations, and a high level of attention to detail, such as the transparent backrest and glass shelves, synonymous with total visibility that emphasizes the freshness of the references. The attention to detail is also evidenced, for example, by the stainless steel finishes, by the customization of the fronts available both painted and in material or laminate solutions, by the two aesthetics (h 250 or 450), double temperature and set-up with configuration to 1 or 2 shelves, for a diversified display within the same piece of furniture.

Finally, Twin Midi SV Eurocryor ensures an efficient display ratio: the refrigerated counter is designed to make it possible to present dry products on the roof, in favor of cross-selling opportunities for complementary items.

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