FläktGroup introduced new air-cooled Chillers and Heat Pumps with refrigerant R-454B

Date: 29 February 2020
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FläktGroup Holding GmbH introduced new air-cooled Chillers and Heat Pumps incorporating the refrigerant R-454B. With a GWP value of only 466, thus a reduction of 78% compared to traditional gases, the refrigerant is best-in-class within scroll technology.

The two Chiller series FGAC-AG (53-218 kW) with two scroll compressors and FGAC-BG (152 - 338 kW) with 4 scroll compressors working on two refrigerant circuits are ErP-2021 compliant in all versions.

To achieve highest SEER values up to 4.7, efficiency improving components like EC fans, electronic expansion valves (EEV) and micro channel heat exchangers are available.

The Heat Pumps of the series FGAH-AG (53 - 223 kW) are based on the same platform. They are intended for cooling and heating with seasonal switch over. Heating operation is possible down to -15 °C outdoor temperature. The units are ideal to be used in combination with 2-pipe fan coils in change over execution or other applications like air handling units.

All three unit series are available with immediate effect.

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