Fujitsu General Releases a Total of Four Inverter Air Conditioner Models for India

Date: 22 April 2019
Fujitsu General Releases a Total of Four Inverter Air Conditioner Models for India

Fujitsu General released four large wall mounted inverter air conditioner models in April, to strengthen our product lineup for the Indian market, including models with the highest energy saving ranking.

The room air conditioner market in India is the third largest in Asia after China and Japan. The annual demand in 2018 is estimated to be at 6 million units*1, however, the penetration rate still remains at 5% to 10%. Therefore, it is possible to expect an annual growth rate of 10% or more. Within the market, the composition ratio of inverter air conditioners is forecast to increase rapidly. In addition, large air conditioners with a cooling capacity of 18,000 BTU (5.3 kW) or more account for approximately 85% of the composition ratio by capacity in the Indian market.

Against this background, Fujitsu General has added redesigned 18,000 BTU (5.3 kW) to 24,000 BTU (7.0 kW) inverter air conditioners to strengthen our product lineup, while unifying our brand image from small to large air conditioners.

In particular, we have achieved the highest rank of 5 stars (Star Rating 5) in the energy saving labeling system for our top-of-the-range ASGG18/24CGTA models by increasing the size of the apertures of the indoor unit fans and adopting high efficiency inverters. By adopting the R32 refrigerant in the development of all four models, not only have we improved the energy saving performance, but we have also given consideration for the global environment with the reduction of the global warming potential. In addition to these features, these models can be operated in a power supply voltage range of 155V to 265V, at an outside air temperature of 52°C. Accordingly, these models have specifications with enhanced reliability for the local power conditions and climate.

Fujitsu General will aim to expand our business by strengthening our lineup of inverter air conditioners with an emphasis on energy saving performance.

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