Kaltra steps up with Powerstream II inverter chillers on R1234ze

Date: 14 January 2022
Kaltra steps up with Powerstream II inverter chillers on R1234ze
The portfolio of Kaltra’s cooling equipment is now extended with Powerstream II water-cooled chillers driven by inverter screw compressors and running on R1234ze: a solution that is both environmentally safe and highly energy efficient. A lineup of 12 models covers nominal cooling duties from 400 to 1250kW.

One of the paramount innovations that brought to new chillers was the use of hybrid falling-film evaporators, featuring closer approach temperatures and a significant reduction in refrigerant charge.

Powerstream II chiller range was developed with a special focus on data center and process applications and supports supply water temperatures up to 32°C with temperature delta of as high as 12°C. Numerous redundancy and safety options, including dual power supply, fast restart, operating map control, allow for high availability solutions for mission-critical cooling applications. At the same time, built-in sequencer permits for networked operation of up to 8 units, featuring cooling load distribution, unit rotation, prioritization, coordinated startup, standby control and alarm management. On top of that, Powerstream II chillers fitted with a high condenser leaving water temperature kit (up to 75°C at full load) offer broad opportunities for heat recovery.

Variable primary flow feature permits a higher degree of flexibility in applications for Powerstream II chillers, while maintenance works can be carried out without interruption of operation thanks to completely independent refrigeration circuits. Each circuit runs by Bitzer frequency-controlled screw compressor, delivering the industry’s leading efficiencies at maximum load (ESEER of 9.10 with water temperatures 25/15°C and condenser water of 30/35°C) and part-load conditions (ESEER up to 9.00 at 70% load).

Powerstream II incorporates an operator dashboard featuring real-time, data-driven performance metering, allowing customers to reduce energy consumption by up to 20%. These chillers present facility managers with novel and powerful tools to reduce the total cost of ownership through enhanced performance, improved reliability, energy efficiency, and extended asset life.
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