Kaltra updated Powerstream chillers

Date: 11 November 2021
Kaltra updated Powerstream chillers
Kaltra takes another step with producing water-cooled chillers based on the latest screw compressor technology from Bitzer – with new optimized motors and oil charge.

Powerstream Screw water-cooled chillers equipped with these compressors fulfill the highest international energy efficiency standards like the European Ecodesign 2016/2281 Tier 2, covering a cooling capacity range between 200 and 1200kW. Their application envelope corresponds to air conditioning and process applications with maximum condensing temperatures up to 46°C. Reduced operating currents allow smaller contactors and smaller mains cable diameters, resulting in a reduction in overall system cost.

In addition to R134a, chillers with updated CSW compressors support lower GWP refrigerants, among them R513a and R450a.

At typical operating conditions, the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) of Powerstream Screw chillers improved by up to 8 percent compared to units with the previous generation CSW compressors.

Like preceding screw chiller units, the updated Powerstream Screw features single-slider stepless mechanical capacity control adjustable between 100% and 25%.

In parallel, updated Powerstream chillers received new embedded software with enhanced connectivity capabilities supporting numerous communication protocols, fast restart, and uninterruptible power supply for the controller, eliminating the need to reboot the controller in case of power failure.
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