Kaltra updates its range of Delta DX precision air conditioning units

Date: 19 September 2019

Kaltra announced the updated range of its mainstream Delta DX precision air conditioners.

New models received the scroll compressors with latest control electronics and recent-generation radial EC fans with Modbus control.

The capacity range has been extended with unit models in the 5-15kW range (equipped with rotary compressors), as well as with top models delivering 125-150kW of cooling.

With Delta DX units Kaltra offers plenty of options to boost system reliability, e.g., dual power supply and dual cooling source models, options aimed at configuration flexibility, networking, monitoring system health, and more.

Delta DX precision air conditioning units are manufactured to the highest quality standards and offer efficient and reliable thermal control for different applications, including mission-critical cooling for data centers, telecom rooms, and for clean rooms intended for machining and assembly of high-precision components and electronics.