Kaori launched the smallest plate heat exchanger for dual circuit systems

Date: 12 April 2022
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Kaori launched a new cross-flow Z085D, it can be used in Dual Water Circuits or Dual Refrigerant Circuits under a 20 kW heat pump system, as well as district heating and industrial chillers. It is by far the smallest plate heat exchanger for dual circuit systems and offers the most flexible solutions to customers.

Kaori's new Z085D dual circuit system works with low GWP refrigerants such as R32, R290, HFO. It adopts the micro channel concept, making the flow more evenly distributed, increasing thermal efficiency, reducing the refrigerant charge. It also has the advantages of high pressure resistance, compactness, and easy piping, making it suitable for new generation heat pump systems.

Product Features

• Smallest dual circuit cross flow plate heat exchanger
• Micro channel design, reducing 40% channel height compared to conventional design.
• Save up to 50% refrigerant charge with the same application.
• Compact: Reduces about 10% in weight.

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