Kelvion presented new Air Fin Cooler range AFX Alu and AFX HDG

Date: 27 August 2020
Kelvion presented new Air Fin Cooler range AFX Alu and AFX HDG
Kelvion presented new Air Fin Cooler range AFX Alu and AFX HDG
Kelvion is adding two new solutions to the Air Fin Cooler market – the AFX Alu and the AFX HDG. AFX brings Kelvion’s extensive know-how and experience from countless customized Air Fin Cooler projects to a standardized and modular design to improve heat transfer and boost efficiency.

While differing in the range of application, both products have Kelvion’s advanced tube technology at the heart, with the advantages of reduced engineering effort, delivery times and payback periods.

Unique aluminum groovy finned tubes form the core of the AFX Alu, providing a higher level of heat exchange. It has been developed for cooling applications in the oil & gas and heavy industries. With the AFX HDG, hot dip galvanized, elliptical CW tubes offer increased heat exchange at reduced fan power consumption. Robust, corrosion resistant and easy to clean, the AFX HDG is ideal for heavy industry, power, chemical and petrochemical applications.


The AFX Alu builds on Kelvion’s decade-long experience of customized air fin coolers with aluminum fins. These have a successful track record within the oil & gas industry. To comply with air entrance requirements from API 661, AFX Alu is available in three different heights, 3.1 m / 10.17 ft.; 4.1 m / 13.45 ft., 5.1 m / 16.73 ft. Up to 25 modules in five bays, with five modules in line, can be connected to one cooling unit, to suit operational requirements. Each module is equipped with a forced draft fan blowing the ambient air through the tube bundle. Without mounted steel structure and motors bays of up to five modules can be transported by truck. The carbon steel or stainless-steel tubes with embedded aluminum groovy fins feature a patented shape to maximize the heat exchange surface. This geometry leads to an 8% to 15% improvement in heat transfer at constant power consumption, while providing optimal fouling resistance and cleaning capability. This model is designed for temperatures up to 130 °C (266 °F) and pressures up to 16 bar g (232 PSI). AFX Alu has been developed for the cooling of turbo machinery power generation in the fields of heavy industry and oil & gas.


Up to seven modules can be combined into one cooling unit. Two different draft options and three different flow options provide flexibility to suit a range of operational requirements.

The hot dip galvanized CW tube is the culmination of 100 years of innovation in elliptical tube technology. The patented shape leads to increased heat transfer combined with a lower air side pressure drop at same air velocity. This means either reduction of operational costs through energy savings or increase of output at same level of energy consumption. This way or another a boost of efficiency is given. Ultimately the AFX HDG embraces all benefits of elliptical galvanized tubes, combined with a modular and flexible approach that leads to a competitive, efficient and reliable air-cooled heat exchanger.

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