KLV Low Velocity Evaporator from KeepRite Refrigeration

Date: 13 September 2019
KLV Low Velocity Evaporator from KeepRite Refrigeration
KeepRite Refrigeration is constantly creating innovative technologies and products that include specialized applications in food storage and processing, industrial process cooling, heat recovery and air conditioning products.

Among these products is extensive line of evaporators for any and all refrigeration professionals. KeepRite Refrigeration present KLV Low Velocity unit.

KLV Evaporator Overview

Designed for rooms 28°F and higher, KLV Low Velocity Evaporators are engineered for positive low air movement and even temperatures throughout any refrigerated space, while maintaining desired humidity conditions. Featuring a cleanable, durable textured aluminum cabinet, corrosion resistant fasteners, low speed plug-in motor/fan assemblies and a positive sloped drain pan assembly, KLV units also come with a wide variety of options available, including ESP+ Intuitive Evaporator Control Technology and EC motors with patented SmartSpeed Technology”.

Model Applications and Specifications

Suitable for high and medium temperature applications, KLV Low Velocity Evaporators are available in air, electric and hot gas defrost (reverse cycle or 3 pipe) models for room temperatures 28°F and above. These units range in capacity from 6,000 to 37,000 BTUH at 10°F TD (based on R404A) and are cULUs approved.

The evaporator systems and electrical control panels within KLV units are to be housed within a single assembly, with a fan airflow pattern of blow through design pushing air through the unit cooler and directing it outwards in two opposite directions. All of the component parts, options and accessories will be provided, mounted, piped and wired as required by KeepRite Refrigeration.

The evaporator coils in this unit are constructed using 0.375” OD smooth seamless copper tubes in a staggered pattern mechanically expanded into die-formed fully collared high-efficiency double sine wave aluminum fin. Coils are available in 7 FPI (0.0075” thickness) fin spacing and are supplied with a Schrader valve and 0.25” OD equalizer line brazed one the suction header.

Product Features

Along with being compatible with Low GWP Refrigerants and specially designed for quiet operation, the standard features of KeepRite Refrigeration’s KLV Evaporator includes high-efficiency PSC motors, reduced operating charge with 3/8” OD tubing and dual refrigeration coils with two-way air distribution to reduce air velocities and minimize product dehydration.

The spacious end compartment allows for each component to be installed alongside a terminal board allowing for easy electrical connections. The heavy gauge textured aluminum cabinet construction resists scratches/corrosion while minimizing weight for shipment, installation and service.

Additional Options

Optional factory mounted solenoid valve, TXV and thermostat are available, along with the option of a painted cabinet and corrosion protection (including alternate fin materials and coatings).

Other additional options available that are highly recommended include EC motors with patented SmartSpeed Technology, and KeepRite Refrigeration’s ESP+ Intuitive Evaporator Control Technology which is now available on KLV Low Velocity.
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