Koxka launches its new range of remote multidecks

Date: 12 October 2021
Koxka launches its new range of remote multidecks
Koxka launches its new range of remote multidecks, which stands out for its energy efficiency, making it one of the most efficient cabinets on the market, and for its new design, offering a greater load capacity and a great increase in product vision.

The kR Ocean Open and kR Ocean Closed multidecks have been implemented with the new K-System technology to achieve maximum energy savings, and thanks to this they have the highest TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) ratio on the market. At the same time, it improves the food preservation capacity, since with the K-Zero anti-condensation system, together with the optimal refrigeration of the K-System, the new remote multidecks guarantee the maximum rigorous preservation of the products on display.

But in addition to the energy improvements, the kR Ocean multidecks stand out for their design, conceived with the maximum vision of the product on display in order to optimise its sale and increase the load capacity by 14%. At the same time, the modularity offers infinite combinations, and always the best option for any shopping environment.
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