Lea Lorenz introducing innovative clay cooler Tony

Date: 23 November 2023
Lea Lorenz introducing innovative clay cooler Tony
Tony, the revolutionary clay refrigerator, is set to change the way we store food. Based on the principle of evaporative cooling, Tony offers an environmentally friendly, electricity-free solution for keeping perishable food fresh without the need for refrigeration.

Inspired by the traditional method of cooling clay jugs, Tony offers a modern interpretation of this ancient technique. Individual clay coolers come in three stackable sizes, each consisting of a water reservoir, food container and lid. This unique design allows for independent operation, making the Tony versatile and adaptable to a variety of locations. In addition, each clay cooler is equipped with sufficient water supply for optimal performance.

The porous raku clay material used in Tony absorbs water from the reservoir. As water evaporates on the walls of the food container, it effectively cools the inside to a temperature of between 13°C and 17°C. This creates ideal conditions for storing selected fruits, vegetables and baked goods that do not require refrigeration. By targeting these specific food items, Tony aims to combat the common problem of avoidable food waste. User-friendly design encourages people to use food storage methods and promotes more sustainable consumption habits.

Tony is environmentally friendly not only during use, but throughout its entire life cycle. The production process, as well as the extraction of raw materials, does not release any harmful substances into the environment. Extensive experiments with different types of clay have shown that a mixture of raku, clay and sand provides optimal water absorption and cooling effect.

Built to last, this clay cooler is designed to last for a long time. However, if damaged, the components can be recycled into the production of new coolers. This commitment to sustainability prolongs Tony's life and minimizes waste.

For more information about Tony and his availability, visit website lealorenz.com
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