Mahou San Miguel invested in the creation of a new chiller 3.3 million euros

Date: 17 August 2018
Mahou San Miguel has created a new sustainable chiller whose development and implementation have involved an investment of more than 3.3 million euros. The proposal, exclusive innovation of Mahou San Miguel, offers multiple advantages, such as its lower environmental impact, since it uses propane for refrigeration, a gas that requires 59% less load and increases the refrigeration yield by 8%, reducing it to zero the emissions that cause the greenhouse effect. In addition, it is a more efficient equipment, capable of providing greater cooling power with lower energy consumption, thus reducing the costs of electricity consumption; specifically, between 12% and 15%. This new cooler has been designed, also, taking into account the limited space that most hoteliers have behind the bar and is available in three sizes, with the aim of adapting to the different needs of its customers. The three varieties have a smaller dimension than those used so far and weigh 11% less in vacuum. "We have already installed 19,933 units in more than 5,000 hotel customers throughout Spain." - Segura Peio Arbeloa, General Director of the UN España of Mahou San Miguel. "Our investment in this initiative is part of our constant commitment to providing value solutions to the hospitality industry through innovation and, of course, with the sustainable development of our business and that of our customers, taking care of our environment", Add. In fact, this initiative is part of the commitment assumed by Mahou San Miguel to accompany its clients in the integration of sustainability in their businesses, as set out in their strategic plan for Sustainability "We are 2020", which, with a horizon of three years an investment of 30 million euros and through which the brewery aspires to become an active reference in Sustainability in the sector of Large Consumption.
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