Manitowoc Introduces Powder Descaler and Rinse

Date: 29 January 2021
Manitowoc Introduces Powder Descaler and Rinse
Manitowoc Introduces Powder Descaler and Rinse
Manitowoc, the leading brand for commercial ice makers, is excited to introduce a powder descaler and rinse specifically formulated for commercial ice machines with electroless nickel evaporators. These powders are designed to optimize descaling and sanitizing, resulting in peak machine performance and protection against contaminants.

The Manitowoc powders have undergone thousands of hours of testing to ensure effective descaling and rinsing without harming the evaporator or internal components of the ice machine, while ensuring effective ice machine hygiene and protection. Available in pre-measured individual packets, the powders are easier to ship, store, transport and use - they do not require hazard material markings when shipped via ground transport, they are pre-measured for accurate application, require less storage space, and also reduce plastics usage when compared to liquid bottles. Simply open the package, pour contents into a mixing vessel, add lukewarm water, shake to dissolve and pour the solution into the water trough of the ice machine at the appropriate time in the cleaning process.

It is important to descale and rinse an ice machine at least twice a year. It optimizes the overall performance of the ice machine, extends the life of the machine, keeps customers save by keeping the food zone disinfected and reduces maintenance frequency.

Powder descaler and rinse are now available through Manitowoc distributors and can be purchased in case of 48 packets or in starter kits that include a mixing vessel, eight (8) packets and instruction sheet. 
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