MIRAI Intex Has Launched MIRAI Cold 15 T suitable for Freeze-drying

Date: 19 October 2020
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As a result of continuous research and development, MIRAI Intex announces the launch of the new MIRAI Cold 15 T machine for 2021.

Advanced unit is engineered in accordance with all international standards and is of high quality and attractive design. Natural refrigerant - AIR does not have a global warming potential and is therefore completely carbon neutral. 

Mirai COLD 15 T (C/W/T) features

  • Significantly improved performance
  • 50% more powerful, packing a 15-kW electric motor
  • Oil-less Turbo module design
  • Internet connection for updates and remote monitoring
  • Extra compact dimensions
  • Sleek design  

These are just some of the advantages of the new Mirai COLD system, undoubtedly are the machines most sustainable and future-oriented Ultra-low temperature refrigeration solution. Perfect for Freeze-drying and cooling of industrial processes.

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