Mitsubishi Electric presents the solution for the most demanding IT systems

Date: 26 July 2018
Mitsubishi Electric Hydronics & IT Cooling Systems presents FR-W-Z, the RC branded, new R134a water-cooled chiller for IT Cooling applications. FR-W-Z is designed to efficiently cool the indoor units and work at high temperatures to ensure constant cooling of the most complex structures while limiting the pPue values of the data center.

Total reliability

Carefully designed and with specifically selected components to ensure the maximum reliability, FR-W-Z units are available from 124kW to 399kW with one, or two independent circuits starting from 250kW to offer redundancy. Their compact design and low maintenance costs make the FR-W-Z the perfect solution for reliable cooling of the most demanding IT structures. Given the intensive use expected for these units (24/7) and their constant operation, dedicated functions such as Fast Restart and Double power supply are also provided, able to guarantee the continuous operation of the units under any circumstances.

Maximum energy efficiency

FR-W-Z chillers comply with the efficiency targets required by SEPR HT(Tier2) and can respond to any cooling requirement efficiently. This is shown by the average values of EER = 4.87 and SEPR HT = 7.06 achieved by the range. All FR-W-Z units also comply with ErP 2021 directives. To maximize the energy efficiency of the IT cooling system it is also possible to recover waste heat and reuse it in other adjacent commercial or residential structures. Thanks to the Smart thermal energy management it is possible to reuse waste heat to heat offices located near the server rooms, to produce domestic hot water, to heat swimming pools, local greenhouses or to feed district heating systems and distribute heat to neighbouring houses.

Technical features

To make the units suitable for a wide range of applications, three different types of condensers are available: the standard version offers two-pass condensers, for reduced thermal drops and suitable for water from cooling tower applications. Four-pass condensers are available as an option, for applications with high thermal drops, typically with an open-cycle like aqueducts or groundwater, and finally, condensers with Cu/Ni 90/10 pipes for seawater, which provide considerable protection against corrosion. The screw compressors, optimized for applications with low condensation temperatures, can offer a minimum capacity step of 25% (optional for units with two circuits), long-life bearings, a part winding start up, and a three-stage oil separator. The dry expansion tube evaporator has been developed in-house by Mitsubishi Electric Hydronics & IT Cooling Systems with internally grooved copper tubes to promote heat exchange and reduce load losses. The evaporator is also totally protected to prevent the formation of ice. The unit is also equipped with the electronic expansion valve, managed by proprietary logic, to optimize the refrigerant flow and ensure precise temperature control. Controller and interface The W3000TE controller is mounted on FR-W-Z units, with its internally developed algorithms, it can manage the unit operation and at the same time perform diagnostic functions, through the presence of a black box. On the user side, a large LCD display with LED icons is available as an interface, which immediately shows the operating status of the circuits. KIPlink, the innovative Wi-Fi interface to manage the unit in an easy and effective way, can replace the traditional keyboard on the machine and allow the user to operate the unit from mobile devices (smartphone, tablet, notebook), simply by scanning the QR code positioned on the unit.
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