NAVAC Inc. Introduces Impact-resistant Manifold Gauge N2A4

Date: 10 November 2020
NAVAC Inc. Introduces Impact-resistant Manifold Gauge N2A4
NAVAC has introduced a precision impact-resistant manifold pressure gauge with Class 1.0 accuracy. The new N2A4 Manifold Gauge effectively measures the pressure of various gases and liquids used in HVAC systems, helping technicians to troubleshoot and reduce leaks and system failure.

Featuring a premium construction with a durable aluminum body and ball valves, the N2A4 Manifold Gauge is used to diagnose and determine the status of four refrigerants:R-22, R-410A, R-134A and R-404A; by contrast, similar models frequently handle three or less refrigerants. With the most commonly used refrigerants (R-410A & R-22)laid-out in its larger outer rings,the N2 A4 Manifold Gauge is exceedingly easy to read. The tool also features an “impact-resistant” design with a molded protective shell and rubber covering for shock absorption, and an integrated folding hook design offers ease of transport. 

“Our newest manifold gauge aligns with NAVAC’s larger goal of making technicians’ jobs easier and more efficient,” said Stephen Rutherford, VP of HVAC Tools Business for NAVAC. “Its ability to handle four commonly-used refrigerants offers contractors an expanded range of usage, and its user-friendly design improves the gauge’s readability and accuracy.”
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