New Advansor ultra-compact CO2 refrigeration unit

Date: 22 October 2020
New Advansor ultra-compact CO2 refrigeration unit
New Advansor ultra-compact CO2 refrigeration unit
New Advansor ultra-compact CO2 refrigeration unit
New Advansor ultra-compact CO2 refrigeration unit
New Advansor ultra-compact CO2 refrigeration unit
The new MiniBooster from Advansor is specially  developed for small convenience and discount stores,  but it has the power to fit a wide range of applications. It delivers up to 45 kW cooling capacity and only takes  up the same floor space as a euro pallet. 
The updated MiniBooster is designed to fit in with its  ultra-compact size and can be placed in a corner or  used outdoor as it can be delivered with enclosure for  lower noise level.  
New Selection Tool and high-runners on stock
Advansor customers get access to a new user-friendly selection tool for choosing the right MiniBooster. The tool contains 27 different compressor configurations and three controller brands, and thereby 81 variants. It is also possible to select options like heat recovery, enclosure, chiller module and gas cooler. The price is available right away, the maximum delivery time is 5 weeks and 20 high runners can be delivered directly from stock 
CEO Kristian Breitenbauch says: “The MiniBooster is one of our absolute bestsellers.  
We have gained a lot of experience from building more than 1,000 units and we thought it was time to set a new standard. So, we did. As the smallest refrigeration system on the market everything about the MiniBooster is ultra-compact: Not only the size, but the selection process, the noise, the price and the delivery time. Having a range of units on stock including suitable gas coolers and enclosures is setting a new standard” 

Climate Friendly Natural Refrigerant
The MiniBooster use CO2 as a refrigerant like all Advansor racks, CEO Kristian Breitenbauch explains: “CO2 is a natural refrigerant and thereby doesn’t affect the climate or the environment. It is our strong focus to develop energy efficient systems that provides the lowest possible energy consumption. For small and big racks. There is no doubt that the chemical refrigerants are contributing tremendously to global warming and the best alternative is to use natural refrigerants. Besides the obvious positive effects to energy efficiency and energy consumption, CO2  is non-toxic, non-flammable, does not harm the drinking water and does not affect the ozone layer”. 

No vibrations and no noise 
The MiniBooster has also had some important technical updates. Technical Director Kenneth Bank Madsen explains: “We have improved a lot of details, and 80% of all piping is redesigned. The new and improved MiniBooster is more robust to dirt with added filters. We have implemented a suction line heat exchanger to further ensure safety and reduce the risk of liquid slugging. Besides, we added inverters on both lead medium and low temperature compressors and spend hours in lab making sure the system is extremely robust to vibrations. We have chosen a different R&D approach to bring vibrations to an ultra-low point.”  
Everything at the updated MiniBooster is pre-programmed and defined by Advansor as a plug and play solution. 
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