New E*LDS Alarm Boxes Maxi and Mini from Eckelmann

Date: 30 September 2019
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Compact Alarm Boxes for CO2 gas warning devices, temperature alarms.

The new E*LDS Maxi Alarm Box (W x H x D: 110 x 180 x 90 mm) by Eckelmann is the ideal solution for CO2 gas warning devices, temperature alarms and more. The combined optical/acoustic signal device ensures greater safety and can be used extremely flexibly. The compact alarm box is optionally equipped with a digital temperature display (BT30). 

Alarm signals are activated via a potential-free contact, e.g. gas warning devices for CO2 systems in cold rooms, temperature monitors, emergency call devices in deep-freeze rooms or similar monitoring tasks. The alarm signal can also be connected to other alarm devices by means of an additional potential-free changeover contact. 

To deactivate the alarm signal, which has a pulsating tone of 90-95 dB, the reset button on the front panel needs to be pressed. The optical signal (flashing light) will continue after the reset button has been pressed for as long as the alarm remains active or until the cause has been eliminated.

The Eckelmann portfolio now also includes the new E*LDS Mini Alarm Box (W x H x D: 110 x 110 x 90 mm) specifically for CO2 gas detectors. It features a flashing light with horn in 24V DC version. The horn, flashing light and reset button are wired to the terminal, so the alarm box can be connected to practically any gas warning control system with a 24V DC digital output.

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