New EC Shafted Motors from KeepRite Refrigeration

Date: 20 May 2019
New EC Shafted Motors from KeepRite Refrigeration
KeepRite Refrigeration has learned over the years is that sometimes the biggest innovations stem from experience rather than blazing a new trail. Our 70+ years of experience is what allows us to take existing technology just one step further as seen through our EC Shafted Motor technology.

EC motors offer tremendous gains in efficiency, but have, until now, been part of a complex assembly making them heavy and cumbersome to install or service. Part of our Smart3 Systems Savings Solutions family of technologies, our EC Shafted Motor offers the best of both worlds with industry leading energy efficiency in a lightweight, modular design.

Redefining EC Motors

The new EC Shafted Motors are light, making it easy for a mechanic to get up to a cubby hole or lift onto a roof, as opposed to needing a crane. Instead of having to replace the full assembly, the technology allows only the motor to be replaced, allowing the fan guard, fan blade, motor mount, etc. to be left intact. This reduces replacement costs and increases your ROI.

Highlights of this technology include:

Energy efficient
Easy to service
Reduced cost
Soft starts
Ideal for retrofits
Improved ROI
You can rest easy knowing that you’re backed by 70 years of industry experience and innovation in commercial refrigeration technology. The EC Shafted Motor is just another reason KeepRite Refrigeration continues to be The Right Choice for the Refrigeration Professional.
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