New Mini-Touchscreen Air Conditioning Room Controller Enables Client Customisation

Date: 26 May 2019
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Toshiba Carrier UK Ltd (TCUK) has developed a new mini-touchscreen air conditioning room controller with an intuitive touch interface that enables clients to add their own branding and corporate messages.

Based on a clear, capacitive icon-driven touchscreen, the unit operates on the same principles as a high-end smartphone. It isdesigned to be easy to use for end usersand quick and simple to install for contractors.It uses the same two-wire connectivity as a standard controller, enabling it to be quickly installed without adding an external power supply on new projects and as an upgrade on existing systems.

David Dunn, TCUK’s managing director for sales, said: “Wall-mounted room controllers in hotels and offices are the vital interface between the user and the air conditioning system. However, their design has not kept pace with changing user needs and expectations – often having complicated interfaces that confuse end users and make them difficult to use.

“Recognising the problem, we went back to the drawing board and asked clients: ‘What do you want from a wall controller? How can we make it as easy to use as possible, and be a stylish addition to a room?’ We took the findings and came up with a completely new approach to room controller design.”

Thenew controller’scontemporarylook is designed to lend style to a room. The colour interface can be easily customised to match room décor, with 30 contrasting backgrounds available to create different moodsor messages.Clients can also customise the interface with their own corporate images, colours and logos by uploading images via the unit’s built-in USB connection.It enables the unit to blend in with any environment, while carrying through the brand identity of the client into the heart of a hotel room or serviced office.

Which icons and functions are displayed is determined duringthe installer set-up, according to the client’spreference. This feature overcomes a problem common tosome traditional controllers in which all functions are visible but not all are accessible, leading to user frustration.

David Dunn said: “We believe the new mini-touchscreen controller is a unique offering in the industry. It is contemporary, easy to use and install, and ensures users can create the perfect comfort conditions they desire. It also gives clients the opportunity to create a modern and stylish statement, worlds away from the traditional room controller still used by many manufacturers today.”

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