New multipurpose external unit i-NX-Q-Y with full inverter scroll compressors

Date: 31 October 2019
New multipurpose external unit i-NX-Q-Y with full inverter scroll compressors
New multipurpose external unit i-NX-Q-Y with full inverter scroll compressors

The success of the INTEGRA range continues

The Climaveneta brand's many years of experience in modern 4-pipe systems has allowed us to develop an uncompromising response to the main challenges posed by the most complex production structures: i-NX-Q-Y, the new air source INTEGRA unit with capacity from 44 to 152 kW for process applications. i-NX-Q-Y is the new multipurpose external unit with full inverter scroll compressors, able to simultaneously meet the demands of hot and cold water, thanks to a system with completely independent circuits that are not affected by seasonal switching.

Full inverter for maximum efficiency

i-NX-Q-Y employs two scroll inverter compressors arranged on two independent circuits for better operational flexibility and maximum efficiency in any load condition. The presence of VSD variable-speed compressors allows the i-NX-Q-Y units to achieve every load combination required by the cooling system, with TER efficiencies always abundantly superior to those of units with fixed-speed compressors, with any hot/cold load combination, and in any season. The very high efficiencies at partial loads also provide and exceed seasonal efficiencies SCOP and SEER, in heating and cooling respectively, defined by the eco-design directives.

Extended operating range

Accurate ventilation control (variable speed ventilation standard for all models), together with a dedicated selection of thermal exchange components and the use of proprietary technology for the permanent magnet scroll compressor provide a large operating range which makes i-NX-Q-Y the perfect solution to the multiple thermal load needs of the most varied process applications. The chilled leaving water from the evaporator ranges from -10°C up to 20°C, while the hot water produced by the condenser can be up to 60°C. In addition, it is possible to operate with ambient air from -15°C up to 46°C. In any environment and in every season of the year the thermal load is continuously fulfilled without having to resort to extra integrated solutions or a back-up unit.

Guaranteed flexibility and reliability

The rational design and a more compact structure than traditional fixed-speed scroll compressor units ensure an easy and fast installation even with confined spaces. Finally, thanks to the flexible selection of the unit, the ability to choose between two different acoustic versions, and a wide choice of options and accessories, i-NX-Q-Y is the ideal solution even for the most complex and demanding application needs. In the design phase of i-NX-Q-Y, attention was paid to optimizing the refrigerator layout from a vibrational point of view (from the FEM analysis of the system to the final test of the unit) in order to avoid the "skip frequency", thus ensuring a continuous change in speed to follow the load, and to increase reliability in the field.

VPF, variable flow rate, maximum savings

The logic of the Variable Primary Flow (VPF) series regulates the speed of the pumps by following the trend of the thermal load and at the same time acting on the unit’s thermoregulation algorithm, optimizing it for the operation at variable range. In this way, stability of operation and reliability are always guaranteed, together with a significant energy savings in pumping costs, which represent a crucial expense in any process applications which work 24/7.

W3000TE controller and KIPlink Wi-Fi interface

The control of the i-NX-Q-Y is entrusted to the W3000+, characterized by a large keyboard with functional controls and LCD displays that provides consultation and management of the unit through a multi-level menu. As an option, the innovative KIPlink (Keyboard In your Pocket) user interface is available, allowing you to operate on the unit directly from your smartphone and tablet. KIPlink allows you to: turn the unit on and off, change the set point, graph the main operating sizes, monitor in detail the status of the refrigerant circuits and the various components, to view/reset the alarms present.
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