New range of Chilled Multidecks Williams merchandisers

Date: 07 July 2021
New range of Chilled Multidecks Williams merchandisers
Offered in a wide range of sizes, the latest Williams Multidecks have been upgraded with a host of advanced features to minimise energy consumption.

A key issue with open merchandisers is keeping the cold air in the cabinet. The new Multidecks use an advanced airflow design that delivers consistent temperature throughout the cabinet – ensuring food safety and product freshness. The design improves the air circulation in the display compartment, minimising cold air leakage and thus enhancing energy efficiency.

The curtain of air that is blown down the front of the cabinet to protect the contents has a new honeycomb-shaped discharge grill that improves its performance. Meanwhile the cabinet’s end panels have removable clear vertical profiles that retain more of the cold air, again reducing energy consumption.

The refrigeration system has also been enhanced with energy-saving heat exchangers and a new controller. This minimises power consumption by managing the system using six relays and three temperature probes. The controller also offers full HACCP data monitoring and remote recording.

Even the price ticket holders enhance energy efficiency. They are cleverly shaped to enhance the air curtain performance and to minimise cold air leakage from the cabinet. As well as holding the price tickets, they can also be used to hold the merchandiser’s LED light strips.

The new range of Chilled Multidecks will be available to market from August 2021.
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