Newcold Focuses on 100% Electric Refrigerated Trailers

Date: 13 November 2021
Newcold Focuses on 100% Electric Refrigerated Trailers
NewCold commissioned several 100% electric THT New Cool refrigerated trailers which means no more diesel cooling engine, no CO2 emissions, no particulate emissions and silent operation.

NewCold is working closely with its customers to improve their sustainable footprint, and the NewCool trailer trials is a very visible step towards that outcome.

One of the main components of this 100% electric refrigerated trailer is an energy axle. When the trailer slows down, energy is generated by the axle and this energy is stored in an aluminium encased battery pack. This energy is then transferred to the electrical cooling unit to power the refrigerated trailer.

The positive environmental impacts are:

  • Electrification of 1 diesel refrigerated trailer has the same pollution reduction effect as electrifying 141 passenger cars.
  • 30 litres less diesel is consumed per day when using a THT New Cool reefer instead of a conventional refrigerated trailer, which is equivalent to approximately 100 kg of CO2. This does not include fuel for the truck, this only concerns the daily fuel to run the trailer’s cooling engine!
  • For each of customer trailers operated we will distribute around 400 loads, 13,400 pallets, of product a year, reducing the carbon footprint of our customer’s supply chain by 20,000 kilos per year.
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