Panasonic expands PACi NX range with slim Cassette and built-in nanoeX

Date: 11 December 2021
Panasonic expands PACi NX range with slim Cassette and built-in nanoeX
Panasonic Heating & Cooling Solutions has expanded its Cassette range to now include the PACi PY3 60x60 Mini Cassette Panel with nanoeX built in, the ideal solution for commercial spaces such as restaurants, shops and small offices. The new indoor unit is available in five capacities from 2.0-6.0kW.

Panasonic’s innovative nanoeX technology comes built in as standard, providing 24/7 protection. The maintenance-free technology produces 9.6 trillion Hydroxyl Radicals (also known as OH radicals) per second – OH radicals are abundant in nature and have the capacity to inhibit certain pollutants, viruses, and bacteria to clean and deodorise hard surfaces and soft furnishings to ensure a pleasant environment and improved indoor air quality.

An extremely advanced unit, the Mini Cassette offers efficient and powerful operation utilising R32 refrigerant. The lightweight and compact indoor units have been newly designed to feature a flat panel, providing the unit with a more subtle profile so that it can be seamlessly integrated into any interior design scheme. Its slim profile makes it ideal for installation where ceiling voids are only 250mm deep. The DC drain pump and float switch have also been improved in the PY3 model to help reduce noise.

Furthermore, the units offer comfort with a precise flap control that allows for individual customisation. It has four motors which provides perfect air distribution without direct airflow to reduce cold draughts. These stylish Mini Cassettes come with a wide range of connectivity possibilities, including CONEX, Panasonic AC Smart Cloud and AC Service Cloud, Panasonic’s Econavi intelligent sensor, and Panasonic’s Free Multi compatibility which allows up to five units to be connected and combined with just one outdoor unit.
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