Panasonic launches 15kW CO2 condensing unit in UK market

Date: 24 July 2018
Panasonic Corporation has announced that it has developed a CO2 condensing unit available in a 15kW model (equivalent to 10HP) and in two versions (standard/special coil resistant) designed for smaller convenience stores and many other refrigeration applications. These units will be available from Summer 2018.

 Panasonic sees the UK as the most developed market in CO2 equipment for food retailers. In the UK, large CO2 refrigeration systems such as CO2 boosters (pack systems) have been commonly used for the larger sites, but recent years have seen smaller CO2 refrigeration systems such as CO2 outdoor condensing units being introduced for small convenience stores. (This trend will accelerate natural refrigerant equipment adaptation for food retail stores).In the summer of 2017, Panasonic launched their CO2 refrigeration systems into the UK, with its 4kW CO2 condensing model, mainly for walk-in coolers in small convenience stores and cold rooms. By adding this new 15kW unit to the CO2 condensing unit range, Panasonic now offers a wider environmentally-friendly solution for small food retail outlets (convenience stores, small supermarkets, and stores within petrol stations) who require solutions for several refrigerated display cases as well as walk-in coolers. Panasonic developed a CO2 condensing unit system for supermarket display cases and has been successfully supplying the Japanese market since September 2010. 
Approximately 8,500 CO2 condensing units have been installed in over 3,100 stores across Japan, including supermarkets and convenience stores. This product realises its high COP refrigeration cycle by Panasonic’s unique CO2 two-stage rotary compressor, which has been well received in the Japanese market for many years. Moreover, transfer pressure control technology enables a compact and light design. The CO2 condensing unit’s design is based on extensive experience and know-how obtained in the Japanese market and conforms to the requirements of relevant regulations and safety standards in the UK. The fate of hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) refrigerants in Europe has now been sealed by the EU F-Gas Regulation, which will reduce their supply by almost 80% by 2030. This gives food retailers a sharp incentive to replace F-gases with natural refrigerants, which are far less damaging to the environment. In addition to the pressure created by the HFC phase-down, the F-Gas Regulation bans the use of HFC refrigerants with a GWP above 2500 in all new stationary refrigeration equipment from January 2020. To help reach these goals, Panasonic will step up its development of equipment for CO2 refrigeration systems to aid in the prevention of global warming and to support environment-friendly stores.

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