Prodmash presented a new series monoblock type compact SEVER "Compact"

Date: 28 January 2021
Prodmash presented a new series monoblock type compact SEVER Compact

Production company Prodmash presented a new series monoblock type compact SEVER "Compact", based on modern ECO-friendly solutions with low power consumption and the use of advanced technologies. The design of the unit uses an ECO-friendly and reliable gas thawing system. The best and high-quality components of European production used in the assembly of these units are carefully monitored by the installation. The model range is currently represented by six models: 4 medium-temperature and 2 low-temperature solutions.

The SEVER "Compact" refrigeration monoblock is a compact, easy-to-install unit that has a simple and safe way to access the interior, allowing it to be easily serviced during operation.

  • The unit has compact dimensions

  • Possibility of installation under the ceiling of the room

  • The housing is made of galvanized sheet steel on a screw connection, which allows you to repeatedly remove the front and side panels

  • The battery is constructed of copper tubes and aluminum plates

  • Reinforced type evaporator with air seal


In the basic configuration, the refrigerator monoblock SEVER "Compact" is equipped with: 

  • Sealed compressor with integrated thermal protection, which runs on R404A refrigerant

  • Mechanical temperature control valve (TRV)

  • High and low pressure protection (RD)

  • High-efficiency fans from leading European manufacturers ebmpapst and Ziehl-Abegg (Germany)

  • Automatic energy-saving gas system for defrosting the air cooler, which allows you to save up to 80 kW of electricity per month from each installed 1-size monoblock

  • Condensate evaporation bath with self-regulating heating element

  • Power cable for 1.5 meters



  • Electronic condensation control for medium temperature units

  • Evaporator and / or condenser - by cataphoresis process

  • The control of synchronization unit

  • Remote control

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