RDM has announced the release of the Intuitive switch

Date: 31 August 2021
RDM has announced the release of the Intuitive switch

Resource Data Management (RDM) has announced the release of the Intuitive switch. The Intuitive Switch is a new product that allows RS232 based RDM controllers to be connected to an IP network. This enables monitoring of the equipment from a compatible front-end such as the DMTouch.
The Intuitive Switch replaces and expands on the capabilities of the Mercury Switch, which will be discontinued as stock is depleted.

For existing RDM customers, it is important to note that both the physical footprint and the capabilities of the new Intuitive Switch vary from those of the RDM Mercury Switch.
The new Intuitive Switch is housed in a plastic enclosure similar to that of the Mini Intuitive hardware platform. Presenting a more compact footprint than that of the Mercury Switch, it can easily be installed alongside other DIN mount hardware. Reducing install time.

Increased Networking Connections

Capabilities have been expanded with several variant options. Whilst the Mercury Switch had three Ethernet ports and could accept a maximum of ten RS232 devices, the Intuitive Switch boasts four Ethernet connections and is available with 6, 12 or 16 RS232 ports. The Ethernet ports are self-configuring for uplinks and standard 10/100 BaseT device connections.


A new fibre variant of the Intuitive Switch is available. Fibre networks provide several major advantages over traditional networks. Immunity and resilience from electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) related issues mean fibre cables can run alongside power cables and electrically noisy equipment without fear of interference. The upcoming USB to fibre adapter allows compatible devices that lack an on-board fibre connection to connect using this breakthrough technology.

Additional Benefits

In addition to integrating RS232 devices, the Intuitive Switch implements software that offers added benefits for connected devices. Evaporator Superheat for EEV controllers can be calculated based on suction pressure, utilising a local pressure transducer connected to the Intuitive Switch or a remote suction pressure broadcast across an IP network from compatible RDM pack/rack controllers. Energy-saving features include trim heater (anti-sweat) control as well as compatibility with the DMTouch Intelligent Load Shedding feature.

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