RDM has unveiled the miniDM

Date: 23 September 2021
RDM has unveiled the miniDM
Resource Data Management (RDM) has unveiled the miniDM, a new addition to the Data Manager range. Modelled on the market-leading DMTouch, the miniDM utilises the same software interface in a compact, cost-effective package to provide a central control point on site for HVACR systems. Capable of managing up to 32 independent devices, the miniDM is perfectly suited for small footprint applications such as convenience stores and pharmacies.

The miniDM can be accessed via a web browser on a PC, smartphone or tablet. When connected to a WAN users can view the miniDM via a local web-enabled device or access sites remotely. Giving facility managers of small footprint sites the advantage of predictive maintenance, data analysis and energy usage tracking. RDM’s remote monitoring software ActiveFM can be used with the miniDM to manage multiple locations from central service desks.

The miniDM is housed in a compact, DIN rail mountable hardware build which can be installed alongside other control devices in an electrical panel. Despite its smaller size, it boasts the same 16GB storage capability as the DMTouch. Ethernet and USB ports allow for the connection of network devices and USB accessories to enhance the functionality of the MiniDM. Additional control solutions can be implemented using PLC programming and built-in inputs and outputs on the miniDM or compatible Expansion Modules.

Many small retail or service facilities may not have any type of device management present, making it difficult to maintain equipment system-wide. The miniDM offers a solution to integrate refrigeration, HVAC, lighting and other control devices into a user-friendly dashboard. Incident handling, data analysis and remote access give users the tools to streamline maintenance and maximise the efficiency of their equipment.
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