RectorSeal Introduces Updates for Safe-T-Switch Condensate Overflow Cutoff Switches

Date: 11 September 2020
RectorSeal Introduces Updates for Safe-T-Switch Condensate Overflow Cutoff Switches

RectorSeal Introduces Design Updates for Safe-T-Switch Condensate Overflow Cutoff Switches
Technological updates of legendary SS1, SS2 and SS3 float switches include the complementary SC1 cleanout with built-in features for pressurizing and vacuuming condensate lines.

The new designs feature technological updates to the HVAC industry’s best-selling, legendary SS1, SS2 and SS3 safety cutoff switches at a similar price point, plus the introduction of the new SC1 inline cleanout device. All three Safe-T-Switch models feature a magnetic reed switch, detect clogged condensate drains to shut off A/C units and prevent water damage to property. They will debut alongside the SC1 at HVAC wholesale distributors starting in late third quarter 2020.

RectorSeal’s patented SS1, SS2 and SS3 will be the industry’s only condensate overflow switches with a built-in, easy-access, external, hand-ratcheting float that adjusts without uninstalling or cap removal. This feature allows precise float level adjustability to minimize false shut-offs. The corrosion-resistant ratchet’s adjustability also helps prevent the lightweight, hard foam, polypropylene float’s contact with the base bottom (or drain pan with the SS3) where bio-growth build-ups can affect buoyancy and reliability. Both the SS1 and SS2 have two tapered thumb cams that lock the gasketed cover and offer quick clean/check accessibility without special tools.

The patented SC1 cleanout device features a Schrader valve connection designed for use with RectorSeal’s Lineshot, a CO2 pressurized condensate line flushing tool (sold separately). The SC1 is International Mechanical Code-compliant (IMC 307.2.5--Cleanouts), because it eliminates condensate drain line disassembly to clear blockages, which can also be labor-intensive and raise service call costs. The SC1, which doesn’t detect blockages, can be complemented with the SS1, SS2 or SS3 for detecting and shutting down a/c units with blocked drain lines. The SC1 also has two tapered thumb cams that lock the gasketed cover and comes with the same L-shaped cleanout tool as the SS1.

he SS1 is an IMC-compliant inline float switch that is 3.8-inches long (96.5-mm) and designed for primary drain lines. The SS1 also includes an L-shaped, 1-inch-diameter (26-mm) directional cleanout device that is stored in a clip on the cap’s exterior. After removing the cap/float assembly from the base, the gasketed directional cleanout device can be positioned tightly inside the SS1 base to pressurize blockages downline with the LineShot tool. The directional cleanout device can also be reversed inside the base to vacuum out blockages up-line from the drain pan with a pump, such as RectorSeal’s A/C Drain Pump.

The SS2 is 4-1/2-inches long (114-mm) and designed for use on a primary drain pan auxiliary outlet. A 3/4-inch (19-mm) PVC adaptor is included, if needed.
The SS3 is designed with a thumb-screw bracket to attach to the side of most one to two-inch-high (25-mm and 50–mm) primary and auxiliary drain pans. The new thumb screw facilitates simple and quick installation, while the hand ratchet allows float adjustment without removing the SS3 from inside the drain pan.

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