Resource Data Management has released a new addition to the powerful Intuitive Controller range

Date: 15 June 2018
Resource Data Management has released a new addition to the powerful Intuitive Controller range. The controller includes the same impressive software as the Intuitive TDB controller (PR0650) in a smaller enclosure, to deliver cost and space saving advantages. Intuitive controllers are designed for use in demanding HVACR (heating, ventilation, air conditioning, refrigeration) and BEMS (building energy management system) applications. A versatile device intended for user programming, the Mini Intuitive TDB Controller, comes with license-free PLC software, TDB, built-in. Based upon the technology within the flagship Intuitive PR0650 the new hardware has six probe inputs, four digital inputs, four universal inputs and outputs, five relay outputs with optional fusing, and two PWM (pulse width modulation) outputs.Additional options include an integral display and SSR outputs.


With the free-download TDB Desktop Editor, it is easy to access key features and reduce programming time. Multiple TDB programs can be opened in a single TDB Desktop Editor session, streamlining program management and enabling quick copy & paste between them. Users can also separate individual programs into multiple pages, simulate control programs, export diagrams and utilise over 100 built-in blocks to simplify and reduce development time.

Clever Communications

In addition to the device’s inputs and outputs, the Mini Intuitive features a mix of built-in communications including IP, USB, and CAN bus for simple connectivity to your devices and peripherals. Built-in communication ports can be used with a host of RDM expansion modules and upgrade products to get even more from your Mini Intuitive TDB controller.

Multiple Display Options

Models in the Intuitive range are available with both on device or remote display preferences for a better level of control during and after installation. The optional built-in colour LCD option allows for values, graphs, gauges and additional mimics to be displayed and navigated using the front buttons.
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