Rivacold's Blocksystem

Date: 06 November 2020
Rivacold's Blocksystem

Rivacold chooses the most cutting-edge technology in its historic product: the Blocksystem becomes BEST. The new wall-mounted packaged system, premiered at Euroshop 2020, marks a decisive step forward in the product innovations of the company, which, after successfully launching the Connext range of transcritical CO2 solutions, begins to revolutionize its catalogue of propane packaged systems. A clear choice of continuity from the point of view of sustainability, well beyond the strict regulations on refrigerants, which provide for a reduction in emissions and a charge limit of 150 grams for propane: attention to the environment is thus confirmed as one of the main guidelines for the development of the new product ranges. BEST is, first of all, a great work of industrial design. A complete redesign of the structural parts aimed not only at making the product aesthetically appealing to convey, even through form, the technological step reached at a functional level: redesigning also means considering components, materials, dimensions, and manufacturing processes in order to decrease the Life Cycle Assessment, i.e. the global environmental impact, by 40% compared to a traditional wall-mounted packaged system Rivacold.

BEST also has a new engine, designed, developed, and tested in the VRL accredited laboratory (Vag Refrigeration Lab) with more than 1300 hours of tests in all conditions of use. The thermodynamic circuit, completely revised with the insertion of a thermostatic valve and the reduction of the diameter of the pipes, combines efficiency, extreme reliability, and high performance.

BEST also has an electronic heart of the latest generation.

The hardware system, tellingly called RIV-OLUTION, and the new software developed internally with the ‘Smart Defrost’ function, ensure maximum precision and stability in temperature regulation and significant energy savings, up to 21% compared to the previous generation of products. With BEST you also enter the digital world, even in this sector, thanks to an integrated connectivity system that lets you have total control of the parameters even remotely and, therefore, maximum safety and easy assistance and maintenance.

Thus, Blocksystem is now eco-sustainable, smart, and technological: in one word, BEST, guaranteed by Rivacold.

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