ROXSTAcube mini from TEKO CO2 Series

Date: 05 July 2018
ROXSTAcube mini  CO2 series covers medium temperature cooling capacity up to 50 kW and low temperature cooling capacity up to 9 kW. It is particularly suited for applications such as discounters, organic markets, convenience stores or commercial kitchens, butchers and bakeries. The series adapts optimally to your installation situation. You can choose between indoor or exterior installations as well as two soundproofing variations. Due to receiving increasingly more requests for smaller service areas, we have taken the extremely proven ROXSTAcube platform and adjusted it to market demands. What you get is a highly developed technical product that will impress you with its compact design and easy operation. The system concept can be optimally adapted to your needs Medium temperature cooling with heat recovery
  • 2 trans-critical MT compressors (1st compressor incl. frequency inverter)
Medium and low temperature cooling
  • 1 additional sub-critical LT compressor (optionally frequency inverter regulated)
Fitting switch cabinet with electronic regulation – Wurm Systems Expansion module for more flexibility Low temperature cooling stand-alone
  • Installation near the cooling point
  • Short pipe systems
Heat recovery stand-alone
  • Installation in the building to protect from frost
You will achieve an optimal fit into your current installation situation Flexible installation
  • Interior – machine room or warehouse
  • Exterior – with light or heavy soundproofing
Machine room is not necessary System advantages Very easy to service
  • Simple maintenance due to easy access to components
  • Increased pressure levels (60 bar) enable longer idle times
Easy to operate due to sealed TEKO systems
  • Bent copper and stainless steel pipes
  • Minimized weld points
  • Comprehensive pressure and leak tests
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