SANHUA enhanced Pressure Transmitter YCQ

Date: 28 April 2021
SANHUA enhanced Pressure Transmitter YCQ

SANHUA enhanced Pressure Transmitter YCQ range with many new models suitable for all the main applications and refrigerants including A2L and R744.

Pressure Transmitter is designed for a reliable and safe installation in Sub-Critical and Trans-Critical R744 systems. The new range of pressure transmitter includes models with a design pressure (PS) of 90bar (suitable for all the sub-critical positions) and models with a PS of 150bar for trans-critical installations. Ratiometric models with output signal in volts or models with a current signal 4-20mA. The YCQx models guarantee a full compatibility with the Sanhua EEV Controller SEC61x.

Electronic expansion valves LPF and DPF-R are compatible with SANHUA Electronic Solution: SEC Controller with advanced PID algorithm, Pressure Transmitter YCQ with features like IP67 and Electronic Expansion Valves.

Sanhua also extended electronic expansion valve ranges LPF and DPF with:

  • DPF-R for CO2 with max pressure = 140 bar
  • LPF-D for CO2 with max pressure = 60 bar
  • LPF series is extended with new sizes LPF30 & LPF32, which use the same coils PQ-M24

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