Sanhua offers a complete range of ball valves for R744 application

Date: 06 July 2018
Sanhua offers a complete range of ball valves for sub-critical applications (CBV series up to 60 bar) and trans-critical applications (CBVT series). CBV valves are typically used in commercial CO2 refrigeration applications in order to open and to shut off inner flow path by operating the valve stem. The ball valve of series CBV is applicable for subcritical C02 refrigeration systems and is a perfect choice for all similar CO2 systems. CBVT valve is made entirely from AISI304 stainless steel, with a valve body made from a stainless-steel casting that guarantees maximum resistance even at working pressures well above 100 bar. A Sanhua patent has also made it possible to create a bimetallic connection on joints so that the inner portion of the connections is 99% pure copper for an easy brazing operation with the K65 copper generally used for the piping on R744 equipment.
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