Sauermann presented Kimo Si-82 centrifugal pump

Date: 14 September 2018
The Si-82 centrifugal pump is designed to be easily installed in any environment. It is capable of evacuating up to 500l/h and suitable for air conditioning units and industrial refrigeration displays. It also tolerates charged, high temperature and acidic condensates (pH>2.5) produced by gas condensing boilers. Kimo provides a wide range of measuring solutions for pressure, temperature, humidity, air velocity, airflow, gas analysis, air quality, sound level, and other parameters. In 2015, Kimo joined the Sauermann Group.The Group operates two main brands: Sauermann for condensate removal pumps (including accessories and solution kits) and instruments for improving indoor air quality, and Kimo for instruments aimed at measuring and monitoring air parameters.
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