Secop CapSel App Update

Date: 20 November 2020
Secop CapSel App Update

Secop's Capillary Tube Selection Software CapSel was updated to version 1.5.0.
The latest update contains some bug fixes and minor user interface adjustments to make the app run seamlessly with the latest versions of Apple's iOS or Google's Android operating systems.
The update also implements "Auto Calculate" and saving of the selected system of measurement.
Our Android Package (APK) files can be installed manually (depending on your Android OS settings), for example, if you do not have access to Google Play.

About CapSel

Secop's Capillary Tube Selection Software CapSel – which allows the user to calculate the measurements of a capillary tube throttling device for a refrigeration system using empirical formulas – is available as an App for devices running on Apple's iOS or Google's Android operating systems.
Secop was formerly known as Danfoss Compressors. Our first selection program DanCap was developed in 2006 and is no longer supported. It was renamed to CapSel in 2012. As we update our software to reflect our current knowledge and experience, the CapSel program will showing improved calculation results compared to the old DanCap program. CapSel features all refrigerants which can be used with Secop compressors including the hydrocarbon refrigerants R290 and R600a.
The App is available in English, Chinese, Spanish, French, Russian, Portuguese, German, Japanese, Korean, Italian and Turkish.

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