Secop XV compressor is built to introduce better and faster cooling

Date: 31 May 2018
The Secop XV compressor is built to introduce better and faster cooling in the most environment-friendly way. It signifies a rethinking of both the technology behind and the business upfront. A big part of the XV compressors secret, is its unique external rotor motor that enables the use of much larger magnets, ensuring a superior compressor efficiency.

Another big part of the secret, is the know-how that goes into the assembly process. The key is the modular design of the XV compressor, combining the advantages of standardization with those of customization. On top of that, the compressor is uniquely assembled without any screws what so ever. This new kind of construction also allows for a reduction in the use of the traditional and expensive copper material.

In short, the XV compressor not only ensures a remarkable reduction in weight and size and production costs. But also the modular assembly gives it a trendsetting quality while sustaining extreme flexibility. In contrary to traditional fixed compressors, the XV also relies on variable speed. This rules out the constant stop-and-go-motion and minimizes the strain on the system. Instead, the XV compressor runs almost full time. In doing so, the differential pressure between evaporator and the condenser is lower, leading to a more energy efficient condition for the compressor and a more balanced cooling temperature.

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