Seeley International unveils Braemar Dominator Series

Date: 29 March 2024
Seeley International unveils Braemar Dominator Series
SEELEY International has launched a groundbreaking addition to its innovative range of heating and cooling products to make it easier and more affordable for households that wish to transition to electric appliances.

The Braemar Dominator Series was unveiled at the company’s Winter Launch in Melbourne – a fully-electric, hyper-efficient heat pump heating and cooling solution that is purpose-built to seamlessly replace an existing ducted gas heater, keeping the rest of the system intact.

The Dominator Series empowers homeowners, offering greater choice and flexibility in how they heat and cool their homes and substantially reducing the cost burden of switching from gas to a new ducted reverse cycle system.

“At Seeley International, we are passionate about innovation and offering products that meet the evolving needs of our customers,’’ Seeley International Group Managing Director Jon Seeley said.

“With the Braemar Dominator Series, we are giving homeowners the flexibility to transition to all-electric heating and cooling, whilst minimising the need for costly renovations or disruptions.’’

The Dominator Series introduces a new era in heating and cooling technology, utilising advanced reverse-cycle technology packaged into an indoor unit that seamlessly integrates into existing ceiling or under-floor spaces. It can be successfully paired with an existing evaporative cooler to deliver a hybrid system for the home.

“We know Australians love their gas appliances, to heat their homes and cook their meals,’’ Mr Seeley said. “And we know gas has an essential role to play in Australia’s transition to clean energy.”

“Gas is still an environmentally and economically smart choice for home heating, particularly given our heavy reliance on coal-fired electricity generation. However, we also recognise some customers will choose to switch from gas appliances to electric,” Mr Seeley said, and for them, this innovative, Australian designed and made product provides a uniquely affordable and efficient solution.’’

Seeley International will continue to deliver high-quality gas heating products, in addition to its leading edge reverse cycle and world-leading evaporative and indirect evaporative cooling products, providing customers with a full suite of climate control solutions that prioritise comfort, efficiency, and choice.

Key features of the Braemar Dominator Series include:

  • All-electric direct replacement for any brand of ducted gas heater.
  • Powerful 20 kilowatts of heating capacity in an incredibly cost-efficient single-phase unit.
  • Tuned for optimal heating performance, delivering more and hotter air than comparable standard reverse cycle systems.
  • Exceptional energy efficiency, and the ability to easily retain evaporative cooling for massive energy savings in summer.
  • Minimal installation disruption and cost, utilising existing ducting and vents with most installations completed in just one day.
  • The launch comes just three weeks after the company announced the expansion of its manufacturing base in South Australia, to ramp up production of its world leading Climate Wizard Hybrid model.

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